Bislig Robusta by Louie Feliscuzo

Unlike Arabica, Robusta coffee is often overlooked because of its supposed poor quality. Robusta is a sturdy variety of coffee with low acidity, high bitterness, high caffeine content, and thrives at lower regions. These coffees are also less susceptible to destructions and resistant to illnesses.

It is one of the oldest coffee species with the widest genetic diversity and adaptation capabilities, but has limited selection and improvement done and is not being given the proper attention that it deserves.

Coffee experts see the potential of Robusta in the coffee industry, that is why more development are being done to improve this variety.


Our Bislig, Surigao Robusta is processed by Mr. Louie Feliscuzo. He started venturing into the coffee industry the year 2011 using best practices in coffee processing.

Coffee processing is a challenging feat for him since he has a polio disability and at the same time serving as a pastor. It requires proper time management for him to balance the business and ministry but these challenges did not hinder him to pursue his passion to provide good quality coffee for his clients.

Putting his best practices into processing allowed him to ask for a good buying price for his coffees. The LGU of Mabog also helped them by training and providing equipment to improve their end product. Pastor Louie is grateful for this opportunity because he was able to help the coffee farmers earn more for their families and for himself to support his ministry.

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