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Bislig Robusta by Louie Feliscuzo

Unlike Arabica, Robusta coffee is often overlooked because of its supposed poor quality. Robusta is a sturdy variety of coffee with low acidity, high bitterness, high caffeine content, and thrives at lower regions. These coffees are also less susceptible to destructions and resistant to illnesses. It is one of the oldest coffee species with the […]

Abear Farm

Ms. Jean Abear shared that they have been in coffee farming for around 25 years. It is the primary source of income. When asked if coffee farming has a bright future in the Philippines, Ms. Jean wrote – ” Yes, there is a bright future for our coffee industry if the government or Department of […]

Loon Coffee Farm

This story was shared with us by Mr. Sergio Loon himself. As told by her daughter …“Way back when I was 5 years old, my family lived near the foot of Mt. Apo, in a Sitio called Balutakay (now belongs to Purok Mahayahay, Alegre, Bansalan, Davao del Sur, due to barangay division). My father is […]